Such a lot of fuss

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I'm not happy. The more I think about it, the more it seems like I've never known how to be. The more I think about the rest of my life being this way, the more exhausted I feel.

When will the exhaustion outweigh the fear of what comes after? How much longer do I have to wait? 
Such a lot of fuss

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I've spent the last two years as a slow rolling nervous breakdown and I don't know how much more I have in me. It feels like nothing is ever going to be easy again. 
Such a lot of fuss

Things I wish I could tell you

You're the first thing on my mind every morning, I dream about you almost every night.

There's a quiet in the house, this void where you should be. It follows me like a ghost.

I miss the warmth of your hand in mine, fluttering in my chest when you smiled at me.

It will be winter until you come home. 
Such a lot of fuss

Buy My Stuff, Monkey!

So, the trunk show was a great success. The macarons were a huge hit, as was the cheese.

But somehow, I did the math wrong and ended up with a lot more cheese than I intended. So, I'm offering the remainder at 15% off when you enter the code "SimonSays" at checkout.

Anyone in the bay area who wants to do local pick up as opposed to overnight shipping, send me a note here or email me and I'll put up a reserve listing.

Such a lot of fuss

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Packing tonight, should be pretty straight forward.

Heading out to the playa early tomorrow morning.

Stop in Reno for groceries and water.

The rest of the week will most likely look something like this:

See you all in a couple weeks.
Such a lot of fuss

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I saw this while I was out today. I know the image is a bit small and the text kind of hard to read, but if you look at the bottom, it says, "Skechers joins Niki Taylor and Burney Lamar in support of Mercy Ministries of America".

Mercy Ministries, while not vocally anti gay, is one of those groups that's all about praying the gay away. It's been rumored that they also use exorcism techniques, but I can't find anything credible to back that up.

I will not spend another dime on a pair of Sketchers or any of these brands, which all fall under the Sketchers umbrella:

*Unltd. by Marc Ecko
*Rhino Red
*Zoo York
*310 Premium Footwear
*BEBE Sport
*Public Royalty
*Marc Nason

Write a letter, tell a friend, boycott the brands, whatever. I'm just putting the info out there.